20 Books Of Summer: aspirations

I know, I know: it’s only 2 weeks since I said there’s no way I could read 20 books this summer because of work. But I’ve read quarter of the books on that list already and it’s only June 5th – so I may as well give it a go! After all, as Cathy rightly points out, 20 Books of Summer is only 65 pages a day…

So, let’s do a quick recap. I’ve already read (and enjoyed enormously – reviews coming soon):

I’m currently reading (or am about to start – I have a lot of read alongs on the go!):

…and that’s only June (all being well). So what might the rest of the summer look like? It’s highly likely to include these lovelies:

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And after that? After that, everything is aspirational. Not that all of the above isn’t – other than ARCs with committed review dates and read-alongs, I’ll be following my nose to read whatever I fancy rather than sticking religiously to a list. But 20 Books of Summer is all about chipping away at the stack of unread books on the shelf, and I’m very excited about these ones:

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And that’s more than 20 books – so I think it’s safe to say I won’t get through all of them (I tend to hit a reading slump in summer anyway; and this year I really do have a lot on at work). But you never know…

The one thing I won’t be doing is committing to any more ARCs before August: I have a backlog, and I can’t be tied to review deadlines for the next two months.

On that note, I don’t commit to reviewing all these reads in any sort of timely or lengthy fashion. I’ve gone back to taking decent reading notes to help me review later (as I’m already wondering how on earth I can review Lock In, A Natural History of Dragons and Fight Club – as it’s taken me so long not to get to them), but I suspect I’ll be running quite a lag this year.