Top Ten Tuesday: coming up later in 2017

Top Ten Tuesday bannerTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, in which we talk about a bookish topic and have fun making lists. This week, we’re getting excited about what’s coming out later this year.

In spite of the fact that I submit at least one review per month to the Speculative Herald, I’ve not really been looking at what books are being published this year – I’ve been happily picking things up relatively soon to publication. Worse, most of the things I know about are for authors I don’t care for and/or series I don’t follow, so – quel horreur! – I’ve had to do some research. And you know what that means: now I’m excited about a bunch of new books.


A Man of Shadows – Jeff Noon

A down-on-his-luck PI. A teenage runaway. A serial killer. It sounds like a hodge podge of old tropes, but this is Jeff Noon – master of psychedelic speculative WTF – so this will be far more than a noir tale of a city where the sun never sets. Expected in August.

Tarnished City – Vic James

Not everyone liked Gilded Cage as much as I did, but I’m looking forward to seeing how the story develops in the sequel. The rebellion seems dead before it started, but as a new power rises amongst the Equals, what changes will it bring? Expected in September.

The Black Tides of Heaven / The Red Threads of Fortune – J Y Yang

I love Yang’s short stories, so I can’t wait for their novellas. Twin children of the Protector each have special gifts – but as the country swings towards war, will their politics break the bond they share? Expected in September (and two more next year, hooray!)

Autonomous – Annalee Newitz

Another former io9 editor hits the scene – with a thriller featuring a military agent and his robot partner hunting down a pharma pirate whose latest drug is causing a bizarre epidemic of workaholism. Intrigued? I am. Expected in September.

Sourdough – Robin Sloan

Mr Penumbra stole me heart; Sloan’s next novel sees a robotics engineer learn to make bread when her favourite cafe entrusts her with their sourdough starter. But this is SF, so there’s a secret market trying to fuse food and tech. It just sounds like another serving of heart-warming delight. Expected in September.

Acadie – Dave Hutchinson

My favourite Le Carre portal fantasist turns to space opera in a short for Tor – I can’t wait. Expected in September.

Provenance – Ann Leckie

I haven’t finished Ancillary yet, but I’ll happily get excited for more work by Ann Leckie. A heroine, a prison break, a war – it’s epic space opera in a new universe, which is good enough for me. Expected in September.

Barbary Station – R E Stearns

Speaking of space pirates, this space opera focuses on a couple of engineers who join up with some – only to discover they must face down an insane AI to earn their place. This could go either way, but I’ll be giving it the once over at least. Expected in October.

The Book of Dust – Philip Pullman

After many years, a return to the world of Northern Lights. I may decide it’s too hard by the time we get closer to it, but I’m still intrigued to see how Pullman revisits his world of Dust and daemons. Expected in October.

Shadowblack – Sebastien de Castell

I loved Spellslinger and the sequel is apparently hot on its heels. Kellen has left home to travel with his caustic mentor. Expected in October.


Then there’s the books that I know are in the pipeline, but haven’t heard any release dates for – so I’m going to stay excited whenever they hit:


The Thorn of Emberlain – Scott Lynch

I know, I know, I was looking forward to this last year. I still am. Take your time, Mr Lynch. I don’t mind waiting (I’ve got plenty of distractions). But I’ll always be looking forward to the next Locke Lamora instalment.

Europe at Dawn – Dave Hutchinson

The final instalment is written, and I’m not sure when it’s due – but Europe in Winter left the tale (not to mention Rudi) in a fascinating place and I can’t wait to see where Hutchinson takes it next.

Adam Rakunas

I heard a rumour that there’s a third and final Padma Mehta book on the way – YES PLEASE – but I know nothing about it. Not even a title. I live in hope.


What books are you looking forward to?