Space Opera Sunday: revisiting the Culture

Banner: Space opera Sunday (base image - Space by Codex41 @flickr)

Needing something to fill the Tremontaine-shaped gap in my life, I am turning my eyes to the sky and filling my heart with stars. A couple of years ago, I began (but failed to finish) an epic reread of Iain M. Banks’s Culture novels. I’m going to revisit my thoughts and finally finish the journey.

My plan is to reflect on a novel per week (starting with Consider Phlebas next Sunday) for an accelerated run finishing at Easter:

  • 12th February – Consider Phlebas
  • 19th February – The Player of Games
  • 26th February – Use of Weapons
  • 5th March – The State of the Art (Culture stories only)
  • 12th March – Inversions
  • 19th March – Excession
  • 26th March – Look to Windward
  • 2nd April – Matter
  • 9th April – Surface Detail
  • 16th April – The Hydrogen Sonata

If anyone would care to join me for one or all books, please let me know – I’m happy to slow this flight down to give you time to hop on board. Just leave a comment indicating your interest and I will make Minds cry with my entirely human willingness to drop everything for the sake of sharing the fun with someone else.


Header image: Space by Codex41 (licensed under CC by 2.0, cropped and text applied)