DiverseAThon 2017: what I’ll be reading

The world can be a dark and scary place. But it doesn’t have to be. Yesterday, there were marches globally for equality and a better future. Today sees the start of the 2nd DiverseAThon with very similar goals: equal representation; equal voice. The weeklong read-a-thon is hosted by Booktubers Christina Marie, Joce,  MonicaWhitney and Simon – and for us bloggy types, Naz has created a sign-up at ReadDiverseBooks.

What’s a DiverseAThon?

DiverseAThon is a celebration of books by and about people of colour, people of diverse gender and sexualities, and people with disabilities. There’s no reading list but the books we each choose, and no targets or challenges, just thoughtful discussion and daily chats on #DiverseAThon.

What will I be reading?

My eyes are bigger than my stomach. If I don’t sleep, I could read ALL THESE BOOKS. But sleep – and work – are things, and they will happen.

I’m starting by with Pulitzer-nominated historical epic The Moor’s Account by Moroccan author Laila Lalami, because it’s been on my shelf too long and I’m due a non-SF read. I’m less sure what to read next: Crossroads of Canopythe debut fantasy novel by Lebanese-Australian author Thoraiya Dyer, or Wintersong, the debut fantasy novel by Korean-American author S. Jae-Jones.

I’ve also got stacks of fabulous bitesize books on my shelf – so I’ll either read Intisar Khanani’s Sunbolt as it’s been burning a hole in my TBR, or get back to the Fox Spirit anthology of African Monsters.

I will post reading updates on Goodreads and write a wrap-up next weekend on how I get on, but full reviews may take a while longer.