The shape of things to come: 2017 goals

A pair of burgundy boots rest on a bookshelf of fantasy novels

I like to pretend I have structure, so I’m once again setting some goals for my reading – and blogging – this year. As usual, I’ll keep track of how I go in my monthly redux.

Reading goals

I’m deliberately setting a low reading target, because work is set to be busy busy this year. ARCs and new releases made up about half my reading last year; this year, I think I’m going to focus on the books already on my shelf (famous last words, I know; my TBR has doubled in size since I started actively trying to read it down. Eh). My goal is 60 books/novellas, of which:

  • at least 12 by authors of colour
  • 12 SFF classics
  • 12 non-SFF titles, including 6 non-fiction titles
  • 3 books from my TBR each month

…and I shall only allow myself to buy a book if I’ve taken 2 off the shelf. Honestly.

A Game of Books

Nikki the Bibliophibian is gamifying their reading this year, and it sounds like fun so I’m going to join in. The idea is to remove the emphasis on numbers read by earning points relating to how long a book has been on the shelf, how long it is and how much we want to read it:

Points Acquired Length Joy
1 2017, ARC, reread Under 300 pages MUST. READ. NOW
2 2015-2016 300+ pages Intriguing, but…
3 2013-2014 400+ pages It can wait
4 2012 or earlier 500+ pages Do I HAVE to?

So if when I read Asimov’s Complete Robot I’d earn 11 points (acquired 2014 for 3 points; nearly 700 pages long for 4 points; and I’m not looking forward to it) unless *cough* I choose to only read I, Robot and call it a day (as I shamelessly did with Carmilla and State of the Art – short story collections; they’re not all winners).

I feel slightly guilty that I’ve just been on a big book-buying spree and those books would earn 2 points if I read them tomorrow. So I’ll consider any book acquired in December a 2017 book. Just to confuse myself.

I’m not setting a points target for now – I’m just going to start keeping score and see!


Blogging goals

I’ve never set specific blogging goals – two years ago I was just trying to write at least a few words about each book I read, and last year I just wanted to still be blogging by the end of the year! The habit is pretty well bedded in now, and I like that I’ve developed a schedule without feeling chained to it – ignoring it when I needed to take a break and focus on other things.

This year, I’d like to extend the content here at There’s Always Room For One More. I had a blast with my SciFi Month posts, so in addition to reviews and Top Ten Tuesdays each week, and read-along posts from time to time, I’m going to aim for some regular monthly features:

  • Bite-size Books – will be back at least once a month focusing on short stories through to novellas
  • Confessions of a Bad SF Fan – chronicling my ongoing efforts to learn to love the books that built the genre (although I’m going to include some fantasy classics as well)
  • The Book Was Better (or was it?) – I had a blast revisiting Jurassic Park, and I have a heap more books on the shelf that have been turned into movies. This means rereads (hooray!) and movie nights (even better!) as I try to work out which version I prefer.

As stretch goals, I’d like to explore writing more general discussion posts and hosting guest bloggers from time to time. It will be fun to experiment!