Top Ten Tuesday: stocking fillers

Top Ten Tuesday bannerTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, in which we talk about a bookish topic and have fun making lists. It’s nearly Christmas, so it must be time to make last minute book wishes…

My TBR is no closer to tamed than when I started writing up my reads a few years back to try and encourage me to read the unread. It worked – I have done very little rereading since, especially since setting up the blog last year. But I’m yet to find a technique that stops me acquiring new books. But gifts can’t cause guilt, and buying me a book is a sure way to my heart.


Book cover: The Burning Page - Genevieve Cogman (mostly text treatment, with a silhouette of a man and a woman in period dress)The Burning Page – Genevieve Cogman

The third instalment in the Invisible Library series sounds like a bundle of plot wrapped up with a spice of danger and a lot of charm. Irene and Kai are posted to St Petersburg to go toe to toe with Alberich himself. What can possibly go wrong?


Traitor’s Blade – Sebastian de Castell

Book cover: Traitors Blade - Sebastien de Castell (a swordsman in a swooshy blood-red cloak)

Well hello, do I smell derring do? I might just see a billowy cloak on the cover. Former magistrates who betrayed their king, the Greatcoats are being framed for murder as the revolution they supported gets out of hand. Can a trio of traitors rescue their vision for the future? Sounds like Musketeery goodness to me!


Memory of Water – Emmi Itäranta

Book cover: Memory of Water - Emmi Itaranta (a very pale blonde girl's face, close-up)I’ve had my eye on this dystopian story for years. Following environmental catastrophe, China dominates the world and water is under the control of the military elite. When Noria’s father teaches her to be a tea master and shares the secret of their water source, he sets her on a path of resistance. Teenage tea rebels!


Book cover: Depth - Lev AC RosenDepth – Lev AC Rosen

A near-future sees New York half-submerged beneath rising seas in a US that has embraced religious extremism and censorship. A private investigator searching for lost treasures gets embroiled in a murder case, but it’s the semi-sunken landscape that intrigues me here.


Book cover: The Copper Promise - Jen Williams (sepia painting, a dragon above a city)The Copper Promise – Jen Williams

I want to read more fantasy in 2017, and Jen Williams is high up that list thanks to excellent word of mouth and having a dragon on the cover. Kidding. Honestly. An old-fashioned tale of vengeance, dungeon-crawling and unlikely heroes averting the end of the world? I’m always up for that.


Book cover: The Girls at the Kingfisher Club - Genevieve ValentineThe Girls at the Kingfisher Club – Genevieve Valentine

My favourite fairy tales are the Wild Swans and the Twelve Dancing Princesses. Genevieve Valentine has retold the latter in the Roaring Twenties, which sounds absurdly perfect.


Book cover: Everfair - Nisi Shawl (one real hand and one metal hand reach for a metallic globe)Everfair – Nisi Shawl

What if the Belgian occupation of the Congo hadn’t been one of the worst human rights disasters of colonial history? I love a bit of alternate history, and I love the sound of an African steampunk utopia.


Book cover: An Accident of Stars - Foz Meadows (two riders on rearing horses outside a city under a rainbow)An Accident of Stars – Foz Meadows

Hooray for a new portal fantasy – Foz Meadows explores what happens after world-crossing do-gooders have done their thing, as Saffron Coulter stumbles across realities to find a mess of politics and regret in a previous worldwalker’s wake. Can she set it right? I do like a new angle on a solid idea.


Book cover: The Summer Prince - Alaya Dawn JohnsonThe Summer Prince – Alaya Dawn Johnson

Alaya Dawn Johnson is one of the authors I’ve come to love through Tremontaine, and I’d love to read her original work. A tale of love, art and rebellion in a futuristic Brazil, this sounds lushly heart-breaking.


Book cover: On the Edge of Gone - Corinne Duyvis (a girl on a night-time street)On the Edge of Gone – Corinne Duyvis

The earth is doomed to be hit by a comet. Generation ships promise a hope for humanity – but each passenger must be able to show how they’ll contribute to that future. Challenging the conventions of apocalypse fiction, Duyvis asks hard questions: how do we determine who deserves to be saved?


What would you like to find under your tree?