Top Ten Tuesday: recent additions to Mount TBR

Top Ten Tuesday bannerTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, in which we all talk about a bookish topic and have fun making lists. This week, we’re admiring the books most recently added to our collections.

In spite of my best intentions, the last 3 months appear to have been about acquiring ALL THE BOOKS, which is both glorious and overwhelming (when will I read them all?). I’m now trying very hard to be well-behaved, and not buy any more books until the inevitable New Year sale / gift card bonanza.

So, which am I looking forward to the most? Well, I’ve actually already read quite a lot of them – several were ARCs, which I have prioritised, several more were for read-alongs, which have been happening, and a few were even digital duplicates (I own a physical copy, but for 99p I was happy to have it on my Kindle too).

Favourite of those I’ve read so far…

Empire of Ivory – may be my favourite Temeraire yet; it’s so packed with themes, plots and character developments that I could write endless flailing commentary (I did; I might yet inflict it on you) about it. It didn’t do the things I was worried about, so surprised me in the right way as well as setting up the difficult context for the next book. It’s big and clever, but very much a mid-series book: don’t worry, the first three are fabulous too.

Translucid  – this adorable ARC is the sort of fun that ensues if you take the unlikely combination of Regarding Henry, Small Angry Planet and high-octane espionage/conspiracy thriller of your choice. I’m looking forward to the sequel enormously.

A Closed and Common Orbit – speaking of the Wayfarer, it’s no surprise (but nonetheless a relief) that the not-exactly-a-sequel is just as good. Orbit takes a very different tone and has one hell of a punch – expect examinations of found family, personhood and identity across two timelines.

The Stars Seem So Far Away – I love the far North, and I loved it as an unexpected post-apocalyptic setting for the journeys of several young people as they struggle to survive and make a future in a deserted, ruined world.

Feed – while I have a couple of reservations about this post-apocalypse political thriller, it’s a post-zombie-apocalypse political thriller, which is an awesome concept and an awful lot of fun.

And what am I still looking forward to?

Twelve Kings – Brad Beaulieu’s much acclaimed swords and sandstorms epic, in which a young pit fighter from the slums sets herself against the ruling dynasty after uncovering the shocking truth that underpins the Twelve Kings’ power. A very exciting convention goody bag freebie!

The Boy With the Porcelain Blade – as a semi-regular attendee of the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club, it’s about time I read the co-founder’s debut novel, not least because my friends tell me it’s awesome. Also: swashbuckling dark fantasy. I’m in.

Caraval – this is very high up my reading list: a magical interactive theatre, close-knit sisters, a kidnapping, a mysterious mastermind – it sounds like echoes of The Night Circus, and I can’t resist that.

Fluency – a first contact novel with a female protagonist who happens to be a linguist? That’s right up my street, and look at that gorgeous cover art (I know, I know, but it helps. Sorry).

Europe in Winter – I pounced on Europe at Midnight and an ARC of Europe in Winter after racing through Europe in Autumn. I can’t wait to see how the Fractured Europe sequence evolves; the mix of cartomancy, post-EU politics and shades of the Cold War is thrilling stuff.

What have you acquired recently?