A sartorial challenge from TremonTEAM

Tremontaine Season Two

Our TremonTEAM week 4 challenge was to create a collage outfit for a character we love. I was initially incredibly daunted by this, so I gingerly tiptoed my way into Polyvore and started throwing some ideas around. For your amusement, here are my visions of a modern Micah and some ideas on how the Kinwiinik might make a stir at the Swan Ball.

First up, let’s take a moment for some Micah Heslop adoration. Micah’s an awkward teenager who prizes mathematics over the finer points of fashion or friendly banter. People are terrifying. Equations (and turnips) are reliable. At first glance, it’s hard to tell whether Micah’s a boy or a girl, which is absolutely fine by Micah. Make your own assumptions. There’s maths to be done, pizza to be eaten, and the occasional card game to be won to pay the rent. Micah is a true diamond in the rough, with the biggest, tenderest heart in the City. Micah is perfectly happy not to catch your eye, so expect neutral shades cut for comfort.

TremonTEAM: Micah


When invited to the event of the season, it’s important to make the right impression. The Balam know that there’s no point trying too hard to fit in if you’re not local, so you may as well stand out. Everyone will tell you that when in doubt, a little black dress is never a bad place to start – use it as a base and add spectacular flourishes that suit your nature – but why not be bold and flaunt some colour? Remember, there’s no need to hide your wealth and status when you’re overseas!


TremonTEAM: be a Balam