An unusual investment from TremonTEAM

Discreet investors are invited to consider an outstanding opportunity to become a silent partner in the one of the Land’s most gracious country estates. Situated comfortably within a day of the City by coach, the stately home is privately located within extensive grounds, perfect for country escapes, educational retreats or peaceful convalescence.

6 features this exceptional proposition offers you:

  • On arrangement, a celebratory private dinner with one of the Land’s greatest and oldest families. Chocolate guaranteed
  • Weekend stays in charming cottages on the grounds. Discretion assured
  • Use of the main house on rare occasions when not in use by the family
  • Access to the estate for hunting and fishing parties
  • Occasional invitations to mingle with the nobility at select social events
  • Potential to acquire rights and rents from associated farms under local stewardship

All visits by prior arrangement only; access is prohibited without permission in writing above the Swan seal. Any discussion and investment to be kept entirely confidential; any suggestion that you have acquired an interest in the estate will result in immediate forfeiture of all amounts invested and be publicly responded to as calumny with certain challenge to a formal duel.



Image credits

The Long Gallery, Sudbury Hall © David Dixon

Drawing Room, Hinton Ampner © Angus Kirk

The Painted Hall, Chatsworth © Chatsworth House Trust

The Gothic Cottage, Stourhead © Derek Voller

Haddon Hall estate © Michael Maggs