Claim your place in The Republic of Thieves

Gentleman Bastards Read-along: The Republic of Thieves - Scott Lynch (text over image of 2 figures in Venetian style masks from the book cover art)

Welcome to Karthain, home of the Bondsmagi. It’s election season, so expect pageantry and pollsters, promises… and double-crosses. Which candidate will you support? How will you cast your vote?

Locke Lamora is dying, poisoned without hope of a cure – until a Bondsmage shows up with an offer he can’t refuse. Swear to engineer a victory for the correct candidate in the upcoming elections in Karthain, and Locke will be restored to full health magically. Locke is reluctant to trust his enemies to save his life – until he discovers that his opponent will be none other than his beloved Sabetha Belacoros…

You are cordially invited to join the read-along of The Republic of Thieves.

Our electoral calendar is as follows:

  • July 7th: Prologue – Chapter 2
  • July 14th: Interlude (The Boy Who Chased Red Dresses) to end Book I – hosted at The Illustrated Page
  • July 21st: Interlude (Striking Sparks) to Intersect II (Tinder)
  • July 28th: Interlude (The Moncraine Company) to end Book II
  • August 4th: Ch8 to Intersect III (Spark)
  • August 11th: Interlude (An Inconvenient Patron) to Epilogue – hosted at Over the Effing Rainbow

Questions for weekly discussions will be posted a day or two in advance on the Goodreads thread; chitchat in between is invited here, there and on Twitter as you prefer.

If you would like to host a week, please leave a comment. We usually set around 4 questions for discussion each week, focusing on whatever the host chooses. Any unclaimed weeks will be hosted here at There’s Always Room For One More.

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