Red Seas Under Red Skies: week 2 questions

Two ships on high seas under full sail. Text: Red Seas under Red Skies - Gentleman Bastards Read-along

The plot thickens: we get hints of the Gentleman Bastards’ deep-laid plans for the Sinspire, but this week Locke and Jean are dodging repeated attempts on their lives and dancing to the tune of the Archon. Father Chains’ exceptionally broad education may help them dodge the assassins’ blades, but it did precious little to prepare them for life at sea…

How this works: early each week, a host sets a handful of questions (on Goodreads and/or in a post like this one) for everyone to discuss in posts on their blog, ideally on Thieving Thursday. Leave a link to your answers in the comments or over on the Goodreads thread so we can all hop around the posts and have a good old chinwag about our duplicitous heroes. Don’t fancy blogging, but have something to say? Just jump into the comments – we’re a chatty bunch!

So, questions this week:

  1. And if some small part of him felt sour at twisting her emotions (gods damn it, that part of him had rarely spoken up before!) – well, he reminded himself that he could do as he pleased and feel as he pleased while he was Leocanto Kosta. Leocanto Kosta wasn’t real.

    Between flirting with Selendri, confronting the horrors of Salon Corbeau and handling a certain cliff-top encounter, Locke’s conscience gets a solid work-out this week. What do you make of our little thief’s elastic ethics? Is he a good man, a good thief, or both?


  3. “I think Selendri can be sweet-talked, at least a little bit.”

    …what do you think? What do you make of Selendri so far?


  5. “You are thieves. I am offering you a chance to help steal history itself.”

    Now that Stragos’s plan is laid bare before us, what do you make of his purported ambitions – and of his strategy for achieving them?


  7. “Then I may report to my masters that the plan is underway?”

    How many different factions do you think are in play at this stage? Any ideas who Merrain might be working for?


Now let’s be frivolous. How cool are Verrari job titles? Eye of the Archon. Consulting Poisoner. Second Mistress of the Great Guild of Artificers. What would you like your Verrari job title be?


Reminder of the discussion schedule for Thieving Thursday

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