Red Seas Under Red Skies: week 1 questions

Two ships on high seas under full sail. Text: Red Seas under Red Skies - Gentleman Bastards Read-along

All aboard! Our first week’s sailing brings us to Tal Verrar, an island city dominated by towering Eldren remains and ruthless men in unofficial positions of unmitigated power. It’s been two years, but Bondsmagi have long memories – and Jean and Locke are about to be reminded what that awkward spot between the rock and the hard place looks like…

How this works: early each week, a host sets a handful of questions (on Goodreads and/or in a post like this one) for everyone to discuss in posts on their blog, ideally on Thieving Thursday. Leave a link to your answers in the comments or over on the Goodreads thread so we can all hop around the posts and have a good old chinwag about our duplicitous heroes. Don’t fancy blogging, but have something to say? Just jump into the comments – we’re a chatty bunch!

Without further ado, here’s the questions for this first week…

  1. “Jean, I would describe this turn of events as less than helpful.”

    We get off to an unexpected start, jumping straight into the middle of – well, what? We’re in Tal Verrar and the wheels appear to have come off. In the subsequent chapters, there’s a lot of focus on Locke and Jean’s friendship and devotion to one another. Do you think Jean has really turned against Locke? 

  2. “I am an honest working thief and I’ll do what I have to to keep a table set and a roof over our heads!”

    This time, the interludes are flashbacks to what the Bastards have been up to for the past two years. How did you feel about Locke’s depression – and Jean’s responses?

  3. “It is possible,” said Locke with a sheepish grin, “that I have been slightly too bold.”

    The Requin game is worth more than the Bastards entire lost fortune in Camorr (and Locke gives us a little insight into what it means in real terms). His reputation is ominous. Given everything we learn about Requin, is Locke over-reaching himself?

  4. “It’ll be good to be the predators again.”

    I guess Maxilan Stragos and the Bondsmagi are front of the queue to disagree with Jean (even if you don’t think Requin is more dangerous than a half-starved, blood-crazed wolf shark). And is it just me, or does Tal Verrar feel even more intense than Camorr? Even if the average bod on the street seems less knife-happy, a lot of the buildings seem to be designed to intimidate and/or murder you. How are you liking the new setting?


…and, as always – any favourite moment(s) this week?


Reminder of the discussion schedule for Thieving Thursday

We’ll be reading roughly 3 chapters per week:

  • May 5th: Chapters 1-3
  • May 12th: Chapters 4-6
  • May 19th: Chapters 7-10
  • May 26th: Chapters 11-13
  • June 2nd: Book 3 and Epilogue

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