Come to Camorr: questions for week 2

Gentleman Bastards Read-along: Lies of Locke Lamora

It’s the second week of the Gentleman Bastards Read-along and the thick is beginning to plotten. All is going swimmingly in the Don Salvara game, but the Grey King is cutting a swathe through Capa Barsavi’s garristas. Can the gang preserve their con, keep on the right side of an enraged Capa, and ensure Locke doesn’t end up in the Grey King’s hands?

This week we get a look at how Camorr’s criminal underworld operates, and it isn’t pretty. To be fair, we’re seeing it in crisis: gang leaders are being murdered and the Capa is losing his cool.

  1. Last week we saw the Capa in theatrical mode taking young Locke’s oath on his enchanted shark’s tooth. This week we see the former scholar carving up the surviving Full Crowns and swearing vengeance on the Grey King. What do you think of his responses to the Grey King’s assaults?

  2. We get our first glimpse of magic this week. What do you make of the Bondsmagi (and especially of the Falconer and Vestris)?

  3. The Gentleman Bastards make plans for a hasty exit, but resist the urge to drop everything and go, because reasons. Seemingly entirely reasonable reasons. Do you think our boys are right to stay?

  4. We’ve now seen a lot more Eldren architecture, including the spectacular rooftop ‘rose garden’ Don Maranzalla trains his students in. Do you think the Elderglass is a creation of magic, science or something else entirely?


I hope you’re all enjoying your visit to Camorr as much as I am – even if it has all got rather intense this week…

Reminder of the discussion schedule:

It’s not to late to come along to Camorr with us – just get reading and/or join in the comments on Thursdays.