Top Ten Tuesday: bookworm chitchat

Top Ten Tuesday bannerTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, in which we all talk about a bookish topic and have fun making lists. And this week we’re talking about each other!

This week’s Top Ten is a big happy love-in of online bookishness. I mostly read blogs and the twitterverse; I have barely dipped my toe into the glories of Booktube, Bookstagram or Tumblr.

Here’s a random sample of bloggers who make me smile or rush out to a bookshop.

Or both. Mostly both. 

Lisa @ Over the Effing Rainbow

I blame Lisa for getting me into read-alongs (she co-hosts SF/F Read-alongs and is the ringleader of our Riverside Live Read-along Sundays) – I should really send her a thank you present. Maybe tea. She has excellent taste in books (and tea) and flails gracefully.


I’ve known this lovely lady for a few years now, and she insists on putting interesting and thought-provoking books my way on a regular basis (huzzah!). She also maintains an excellent resource for checking whether older and small print backlist books are e-books yet.

Cait @ Paperfury

This cake-mad Aussie is an entertaining writer and an excellent photographer, and following her will keep you in giggles and left-hand mental turns.

Books by Proxy

The glamorous hostess of the Friday Face/Off meme, whose reviews I follow avidly. Warning: following this lady could affect the height of your TBR.

Strange Charm Books

Excellent spec fic reviews and regular links to free short fiction from our favourite authors, which is perfect on a rainy day. What more can you ask from a book blog?

Sarah @ The Illustrated Page

From LibraryThing to WordPress, I’ve lost count of the score in our ongoing game of dodging book bullets, because the books are always interesting and the discussions thoughtful and considered. I know I’m in safe hands with a recommendation (or a steer clear)!

Nikki @ The Bibliophibian

I am in outright awe of the number of books Nikki reads, and I have no idea how they find the time to review them too. I struggle to keep up reading them (but I’m always glad I do!)

Rinn Reads

…she does, you know. A lot. She also organises group events for flailing and shared excitement, which have become one of my favourite things. One day I hope to share seed cake with her (and Claire @ Bitches with Books, another fab book blog you should definitely look up).

DJ @ My Life My Books My Escape

Along with great book reviews, I’m really enjoying DJ’s weekly tour through the Time Traveler’s Almanac. I didn’t blog it in detail when I read it, and it’s a delight being reminded of the amazing stories and getting a chance to discuss some of them at last.

The Bibliosanctum

This is totally me cheating so that I can include several great bloggers in one go!


Who are your favourite people to follow online? Do I need to get into booktube? (I’m so old-school – I’d rather read than watch videos…) How about bookstagram?