Come to Camorr: questions for discussion

Gentleman Bastards Read-along: Lies of Locke Lamora

Welcome to the first week of the Gentleman Bastards Read-along! Our first week in Camorr introduces us to the inimitable Locke Lamora, from his precocious childhood on Shades Hill to his current heist as garrista of the Gentleman Bastards. The world-building, history and plot set-up is fast and colourful in every sense. Can you smell the canals yet?

How this works: each week, a host sets a handful of questions for everyone to consider and answer in discussion posts, ideally on Thursday. Leave a link to your answers in the comments below or over on the Goodreads thread so we can all hop around the posts and have a good old chinwag about our duplicitous heroes.

Without further ado, here’s the questions for this first week…

  1. We get a lot of detail about the city, from architecture and geography to social structure and the Secret Peace – not to mention the food! What do you make of Camorr?

  2. What are your first impressions of the Gentleman Bastards? They are liars and conmen (and proud of it) – but do you think our thieves have hearts of gold?

  3. Do you find the split timelines a useful device for filling in background without a lot of exposition? Which timeline are you enjoying the most?

  4. Has anything taken you by surprise so far?

I’ll admit I’ve found it tricky to set questions that don’t give too much away for first time readers – please use spoiler tags or similar if you know what’s coming and want to reflect on how it’s all being set up 🙂

Reminder of the discussion schedule:

It’s never to late to come along to Camorr – just leave a comment below and get reading if you’d like to join us!