Is it (nearly) February already?

A pair of burgundy boots rest on a bookshelf of fantasy novels

January has felt very episodic as I started the year travelling around Iceland (I’ll write about it at some point, but instagram has day by day scenery porn picspam), had to take unexpected trips north and work has been fragmentary. Sadly, this hasn’t resulted in READING ALL THE BOOKS, because exploring Iceland was distracting and Lagoon took longer than expected (a sure sign I’m not enjoying something).

Reading and review round-up


Stacking the shelves

I’m a long-time member of the fabulous LibraryThing, where we have a tradition of book-buying to celebrate our Thingaversaries. As the score is a book per year plus one for the shelf, I got to spend my Christmas vouchers on 11 books with a clean conscience. Plus, I snagged some review copies that I’m madly excited about (expect reviews in February) and got lured into an unplanned read-along. The shelves are straining just a wee bit.


Challenge update

This year is another that seeks to get past the thicket of straight white male authors and explore other points of view deeper in the forest of fiction; and make a dent on my to-read pile. I’ve read 6 books, of which:

  • 4 (67%) – written by women
  • 1 (17%) – written by people of colour
  • 0 – written by or about people who aren’t straight {will get on this; shelves now stacked!}
  • 3 (50%) – off my back log and count towards the Backlist Challenge

It’s a decent start. I’m currently chomping through the dystopian grit of Graft by Matt Hill, which is far more accessible than his debut (The Folded Man) without being comfortable or pleasant.