Top Ten Tuesday: top of Mount TBR

Top Ten Tuesday bannerTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted byThe Broke and the Bookish, in which we all get to talk about a bookish topic and have fun making lists. This week, it’s the Top Ten Books I’ve Recently Added To My TBR, which for me means books I already own and am queuing up to read, not books I’m really excited to get my hands on.

rawbloodRawblood – Catriona Ward

The Villarcas always die young from a congenital disease – if being haunted by a vengeful ghost can be called a disease.  They must remain alone, unloved, or she will strike. I’m not a big fan of horror, but I do like a splash of gothic from time to time. It keeps getting bumped by ARCs, but I really want to get to this soon.

crashingheavenCrashing Heaven – Al Robertson

After the war on AI, Jack and psychopathic puppet Hugo Fist (who is tied to Jack’s brain) must clear their name before Hugo’s software licence expires, killing them both. I still have a soft spot for cyberpunk, and I can’t resist something that sounds mad enough to give Takeshi Kovacs a run for his money.

moorsaccountThe Moor’s Account – Leila Lalami

History is in the hands of those who write it down. Mustafa, a Moroccan slave, was one of 4 to survive a disastrous conquistador landing in Florida. He is missing from the official accounts. Until now. I’m excited to read this Pulitzer nominee.

lockinLock In – Scalzi

I’m very late to the game with this post-flupocalypse thriller. I thoroughly enjoyed Old Man’s War and I do love a bit of body-swapping and identity-fuzzing to complicate things, so I’m really looking forward to finally ripping through this one. As I suspect it will be a one or two sitting read…

scruffiansScruffians! – Hal Duncan

I loved Vellum for the prose, the characters and the ideas that warred on the page. Scruffians offers short stories featuring the gay pirate gods of Love and Death, supernatural faeries and gamin antiheroes – not an offer I’m going to be able to resist for very long now it’s on the shelf whispering ‘read me’.

lagoonLagoon – Nnedi Okorafor

I feel like I’m cheating including Lagoon, as I’m meant to be reading this Nigerian alien invasion novel right now, but I got distracted. So it’s still top of my to-read pile, and will definitely be the next book I pick up. And I genuinely am very excited about it; I’m just very easily distracted.

windsweptWindswept – Adam Rakunas

Trade rep Padma just wants to buy a rum distillery and retire, but finds herself sucked into an interstellar conspiracy to kill off sugar cane. I stumbled over this a couple of weeks back when it was nominated for the PKD Award. Rum in space? Sign me up!

The Fox’s Towerfoxtower – Yoon Ha Lee

Over the past year, I’ve been using short fiction to explore new authors from around the world. I love the sound of Yoon Ha Lee’s flash fiction fairy tales – science-minded fox spirits, tiger wives and books that can be read by anyone but their owner – I can’t wait to explore the rich ideas at play here.

chameleonmoonChameleon Moon – RoAnna Sylver

The city of Parole is crumbling into a lake of fire. An anxious lizard-skinned hitman teams up with a revolutionary singer and a diverse band of super-powered misfits to find a way to escape their prison and survive fiery death. This sounds fabulously original.

drowningeyesThe Drowning Eyes – Emily Taylor

The Dragon Ships are raiding the archipelago, but the stone-eyed Windspeakers have lost their magic to work weather against the attackers. Can an apprentice bring it back? I’ve been dying to read this since I first saw the cover. I know, I know, don’t judge a book – but if the story isn’t as awesome as the art, I’ll be sad.