Looking forward to 2016

A pair of burgundy boots rest on a bookshelf of fantasy novels

2015 has been an excellent reading year for quantity (over 70 books) and quality. I’m back to working more or less full time in 2016, so I think I’m going to have to be a bit less ambitious and a bit more selective in what I focus on…

…which is a problem, because I want to (re)read all the things.

I’m signed up to several read-alongs already and I’ve still got a mountainous backlog. Plus I’m now approved for NetGalley books, so have a shot at exciting upcoming books to distract me from the rest.

So much for less ambitious and more selective. Sod it, I’ll just read all the things.

As always, I’m setting myself a few goals (mostly for my own entertainment, but partly because it helps me keep my reading diverse). This year’s challenges:


Pretty Deadly Reviews LGBTQIA Challenge
This isn’t just an excuse to crack on reading Melissa Scott’s back catalogue, honestly, although that may feature. I’m not setting a specific target, I’ll just see how far through the rainbow my reading takes me.


No more than 50% of my reads will be by blokes
I don’t mind when my reading gets skewed the other way, as I’ve got years of catching up to do. As I’ve signed up to a couple of epic fantasy re-reads, this will leave limited space for new authors so I’ll have to make it count.


Diversiverse Plus
At least 20% of my reads will be by people of colour. Bonus points for works in translation. Double points for works in their original language, but that limits me to Dutch and German, so isn’t wildly helpful 🙂


Pretty Deadly Reviews Backlist Challenge
To keep me chugging through those older titles I’m sat on 🙂


I’m also interested in a number of read-alongs, which you’re welcome to join us on:

– Joyce Chng’s The Tale of Yin (from mid-Feb) | read-along schedule / sign-up
– Emma Newman’s Split Worlds (from May) | reading schedule / sign-up

And some epic fantasy re-read/love-ins:
– ASOIAF and LOTR with Rinn | organisation thread
– Locke Lamora with Of Dragons and Hearts (from April) | announcement thread


Yes, it’s going to be another busy, fabulous year. Last year felt very SF focused – this year may be more fantasy. But anything goes.


What will you be reading?