Top Ten Tuesday: Santa baby, leave a present under the tree

Top Ten Tuesday bannerThis week, The Broke and the Bookish asked what (books) we’d like to get from Santa. In an unheard of move that possibly presages the apocalypse, I’ve asked my family not to buy me books this Christmas. That doesn’t mean I won’t be secretly delighted if anybody buys me my favourite thing.

In no particular order:

Book cover: PlanetfallPlanetfall – Emma Newman
I’m hearing so many good things about this one, it has zoomed onto my wishlist. Space colonisation, intrigue, and a slow unravelling of everything the characters believe in? Sign me up.


Book cover: Signs for Lost ChildrenSigns for Lost Children – Sarah Moss
Sarah Moss is a favourite, and I loved Bodies of Light so the sequel is an easy pick. Feminist doctor Ally has got married and gone to work in an asylum. I suspect the exploration of Victorian approaches to mental illness will be difficult and moving.


Book cover: Cyberpunk MalaysiaCyberpunk: Malaysia – Zen Cho
I could do with more Zen Cho short stories in my life in 2016. Sadly, this one remains a challenge to get hold of in the UK, so will require special efforts (I’m sure Santa will cope. Everybody else is off the hook).


Book cover: The Drowning EyesThe Drowning Eyes – Emily Foster
I fell in love with the cover (yes, yes, I do judge. I know, I know) then discovered it was about women working weather magic on ships. Oh my yes please.


Book cover: Map of a nationMap of a Nation: a biography of the Ordnance Survey – Rachel Hewitt
I’m such a map geek! I think the Ordnance Survey is a thing of beauty. Victorian gentlemen basically had too much time on their hands, right?


Book cover: The Book of Night with MoonThe Book of Night with Moon – Diane Duane
I’ve not read any Duane (which I’m given to understand I should fix), and this is a book about cats helping protecting New York City from dark forces and maintaining links to alternate realities. Magic cats. I don’t need more persuasion than this, really.


Book cover: Plan for ChaosPlan for Chaos – John Wyndham
I love John ‘jolly hockey sticks apocalypse’ Wyndham. This is very early work – a paranoid dystopian noir about cloning – and I’m dying to read it.


Book cover: The Just CityThe Just City – Jo Walton
I think I’ve given or received a Jo Walton for Christmas or birthday the last couple of years running, so her version of Pallas Athene creating Plato’s Just City as a bit of an experiment is a given on this list.


Book cover: Midnight RobberMidnight Robber – Nalo Hopkinson
Nalo Hopkinson is on my Must Read Already list, and this is an irresistible package: a girl from a Caribbean world is sent into exile on a planet of monsters. This is a story working hard on several levels, with folklore and a young heroine coming of age.


Book cover: Trouble and her friendsPretty much anything by Melissa Scott
I have eyes on her whole back catalogue after the immense joys of Burning Bright and Shadow Man. Where to start? Anywhere!