Barbara Hambly – The Walls of Air: going a long way not to get very far

The saga continues (as does the in-story travelling, in spades). This is very much a Middle Book in which stuff is found out, additional civilizations feature to justify more worldbuilding and pieces are moved on (and off) the board in preparation for the grand finale.

On the plus side, I really enjoyed Gil’s tale of life in the semi-besieged fortress. The explorations / historical studies with Alde and the inevitable social dilemmas of life under siege were far more interesting than the apprentice wizarding and slogging over in Rudy’s storyline (although happily that had enough going on to stop it dragging). The discovery of ancient tech and the suggestions of the true nature of the Dark were also very intriguing.

So there’s more than enough momentum to push me straight through to the third book for the denouement. Two thoughts along the way:
SPOILERS (mouse over to read)

I don’t believe for a second that the Icefalcon is dead, and I’ll be a little irritated if the final book sees Gil embrace the May to December trope and forgo her heartlessness in favour of throwing herself at Ingold. I might stretch a point if she threw herself at Alde, but I like a heroine unencumbered by romance!