I’m going to take a minute to squee about more recent tv and movie outings. My inner child has been delighted recently and my outer adult traumatised.

The less said about Jurassic World the better, and I mean that in a good way as someone who thoroughly enjoyed it (except for the almost-literal jumping the shark at the climax). I got velociraptors and T-rex, plus both at the same time (genetically and physically) and the internet got a hilarious zookeeper meme. After that it’s easy to get drawn into debates, so I’m going to stick with the fact that they successfully opened the theme park and it was exactly as awesome as Sir Richard promised 20 years ago. And as disastrous as Malcolm said it would be. Job done.

The same is more or less true of Minions, in which comical yellow capsules in dungarees speaking polyglot more or less successfully carry a movie on their own. It’s aimed at a younger audience and it shows, failing to keep my attention as thoroughly as Despicable Me, but it remains charming.

For total attention-grabbing, there has been television. Well, blu-rays. Season 2 of House of Cards was epic from start to finish. I do love wicked intelligence and sharp tailoring, both of which are in fine fettle here. When asked whether anyone but Kevin Spacey could get away with this role, I promptly responded Philip Seymour Hoffman (also possibly John Simm and – in a few years time – Tom Hiddleston); this is not meant to suggest that Spacey is anything other than perfect for the American version of Francis Urquhart. The supporting cast are as good as the script (which is to say very), making this a joy from start to finish. I love this in part for its unpredictability – Rachel! – and will be glued when we give in and buy Season 3.

Likewise The Walking Dead. I’m not quite to the end of Season 4 and it has broken my heart as I expected it to, but promptly moved on with such style and pathos that I find it instantly forgiven. I haven’t been as tense watching zombiepocalypse since 28 Days Later, and I haven’t so frequently paused something to make a calming cup of tea since The Descent. It’s an odd form of entertainment given how stressful it is.