Mememememe with the Letter B

It's been a while, so I thought I'd meme πŸ™‚

Something I hate: being called Banana. Sometimes you never get past the playground. It's better than spanner, but that's not hard, is it?

Something I love: Baths! I have been a bath baby as long as I remember. There was a shower in my grandmother's house where I grew up, but it was in the Arctic (or the downstairs loo, as she liked to refer to it). No way you wanted to get nekkid in there. The cottage we lived in in Somerset didn't have such newfangled nonsense. It was a bit of a shock to move into a student flat that only had a shower when I was 18. I've learnt to love showers too, but they're not a patch on a good hot long soak with a book, some candles and a glass of wine. Or just bubbles. Yay, bubbles!

Somewhere I have been: Bowmore, on the Isle of Islay. The little town nestles along the sea-front, sports the island's supermarket (a Co-op) and a distillery (Bowmore) that makes very tasty whisky. More importantly, the distilling process requires a lot of heat, which most distilleries steam off into the atmosphere. At Bowmore, they pipe it over the road and use it to heat the water (and the central heating) for the community swimming pool. Whisky, making the world a better place!

Somewhere I would like to go: I had nothing to do with the thing with the guy in the place. And I've never been to Belize. But I'd quite like to. My lecturer in archaeological forensics (who assisted the Detroit Coroner when not guest lecturing abroad) spent summers digging in Belize. His stories (of both Detroit and Belize) were hair-raising and fascinating, and it (along with Chile) is one of the parts of South America I'd like to go spend some time, to see the Maya ruins and the Great Blue Hole and the barrier reef.

Someone I know: I used to work with a fabulous bloke called Bob. He was unflappable (although under extreme stress would start to look a bit mad scientist around the edges – sort of frayed and flyaway, rather than frazzled), smart, very good at his job, totally reliable and a cornerstone of the organisation. Also, a lovely bloke. Needless to say, when he decided it was time to move, there was only one possible response: a Hitler rant. The Hitler rant about Bob, never released to YouTube, reduced 100 people to laughing so hard we cried. Thank you, Bob.

Best movie: in spite of the temptation to shout Batman Begins (not least because my boy is playing the soundtrack), one of my long-time favourites is Bringing up Baby. It's frothy, it's silly, it's delightful. It's Cary Grant (as a palaeontologist!) and Katharine Hepburn and a leopard. And dinosaurs (at the beginning, briefly. Palaeontologist, remember?). It's what rainy afternoons were made for. Oh hey look – it's a rainy afternoon!

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