After a good start, I’ve failed miserably at reviewing my reads this year (as usual), which is a shame, because there have been some damn fine ones.

I may actually struggle to pick a favourite come the end of the year, and – for once – it’s not even genre fiction that I have read most.

Oddly, I can’t thank bookclub for this breadth and quality, as it never survived its third month: too many variations in reading speeds; some difficult choices; and utterly impossible diaries. But I think it inspired me, and I have read about half the books nominated for the year (and enjoyed about half of those).

No, it’s probably my Kindle that has most influenced my choices. Where I’ve not been making a determined effort to catch up on the unread on my shelf, I have been led astray by Amazon deals and the convenience of the download. Given the bad press around taxation, supplier deals, and customer services, I’m not exactly comfortable with my relationship with Amazon, but there’s no denying the seductiveness of the ebook.

I’m still buying books, but the electronic format seems to be the best facilitator yet.