Once more with feeling

It’s nearly 3 years since I started training for my first 5km sponsored run. I’ve failed to keep up the running consistently (idiotic self-inflicted knee injury, work, Grand Design), and I realized last year that I’m at my best when I have a goal – such as a distance, a deadline, and a good cause to keep me committed.

Since then, we have lost 1 very dear old friend to cancer, 3 more are currently engaged in trying to fight it off, and a further 2 have been diagnosed and (so far) managed to keep it at bay. These friends and relatives are all ages, all non-smokers, and have pretty healthy lifestyles, which really brings home how arbitrary this disease can be.

It seems only right, therefore, that my goals this year should include fundraising for Cancer Research UK.

To that end, I’m running the Race for Life in London this Sunday, and again in Cambridge at the start of July. I have a joint fundraising profile with some amazing women I work with, who will be running with me on Sunday.

If you can spare a pound, or a few, please swing by to encourage us and help the good cause: http://bit.ly/lI8BIj