What size is your excess?

Christmas is a big deal where I work. We’re famous for our Christmas lights, and I’ve heard stories of our Christmas trees ever since I joined. Last year, there was no Christmas tree, which was a little disappointing, but hardly surprising in a recession. This year, we have clearly done well: the tree is back – and what a tree! I got a shot of it under construction on Friday night – this involved taking out part of an external wall, and bringing in a crane and a team of men who dangled from the roof on ropes to hoist everything in place. See them at work:

Now that's a Christmas tree

Yes, that really is half a tree – and it really is 2 storeys high. You can see the other 2 storeys-worth lying on the floor to the left. Shots of the jaw-dropping final install tomorrow (when I went in on Saturday, it was in one piece, dressed in blue LED lights and ladles of snow on every branch).

This in no way means I don’t still want a whopping big tree at home. Or rather, a modest home-sized tree that I can put my Christmas gotherations on.