Dear Media

Please to stop with the overreaction to a little bit of weather. I have enjoyed said weather immensely, and while I understand it has hindered commerce and cost us money, I find your suggestions that “things could have been done better” without merit.

Specifically, please stop comparing UK snow measures with eastern German or Russian ones. These regions do, in fact, have a different climate to us (remember your O-level/GCSE geography? Does “continental” vs “maritime” ring any bells?). Their approaches to dealing with said climate are largely irrelevant (and in fact, even parts of deepest darkest “we can have snow for up to 6 months a year” Bavaria Munich don’t clear residential roads or pavements, so it’s hardly surprising we haven’t either).

I would be mightily offended if my local council set aside large portions of my council tax to spend on clever snow-clearing devices that would only see use 1 year in 5 (at best). I would be outraged if such an investment increased my council tax or was made at the cost of schools, policing or other everyday requirements. And so would you be, don’t pretend otherwise for a second. Have you bought snow chains, by the way? No? I thought not. So shush.

Thank you.