Catching up

We had a delightful weekend away, and I have magnificently failed to write about it so far. However, nanila did (because she’s better at this than me), so I suggest you read her account instead – and admire her stunning photography.

We visited Ironbridge, a small town in a picturesque gorge that birthed the Industrial Revolution (err, thanks guys) and the site of the world’s first iron bridge. No pictures of the bridge from me this trip – you can see it here – because I was more interested in The Ironbridge Annual Rubber Duck Race!

Unfortunately, we arrived too late to enter a duck in the race. We admired the bridge and discovered a little about its history in the old Toll House on the far bank, including the prices for crossing it:

These days, the bridge is a World Heritage protected site and no vehicles are allowed across – and there’s no toll collected!

Even more entertaining was the sign on the side of the old Police Station:

Luckily, I wasn’t wearing a low-cut top that day.