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Top Ten Tuesday: autumn reading list

Top Ten Tuesday bannerTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, in which we talk about a bookish topic and have fun making lists. I’ve not been around recently, so it’s time to get back into the TTT swing with this week’s Top Ten Books on my Autumn Reading List.

So, from 200 books on the pile…

Okay, it’s been most of the year. I’m calling it: restricting myself to a 5 star rating system hurts my head and my heart. Goodreads and NetGalley be damned, it’s going to be back to 10 next year. Which almost certainly means retrospectively re-grading this year’s reviews. Just as well winter is coming.

An unusual investment from TremonTEAM

Discreet investors are invited to consider an outstanding opportunity to become a silent partner in the one of the Land’s most gracious country estates. Situated comfortably within a day of the City by coach, the stately home is privately located within extensive grounds, perfect for country escapes, educational retreats or peaceful convalescence.

Not in any way endorsed by the Duke

Certain Dark Things: narco-vampire noir

Book cover: Certain Dark Things - Silvia Moreno-Garcia (a face half-obscured by swirling blood)There are no vampires in Mexico City: the sanitation squads and the human gangs keep the city clear. That makes it either the safest or the stupidest place for a vampire on the run – but Atl is out of options. Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s narco-vampire noir never misses a beat.

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Bite-size Books: Tales by Trees

The tales that trees tell – most of them – are too long, too slow, too uneventful for us to understand. But some stories snake like cold sap through their roots in winter and quicken in summer to race through their thickening foliage. These tales, you see, tell of people, of you and of me.

Welcome to a new sort of fairytale

Convocation: ushering in a new season of Tremontaine

A new season of Tremontaine is just around the corner – just in time, so I won’t get withdrawal symptoms. Even better, as member of TremonTEAM, the delightful folk at Serial Box Publishing have given me a sneak peek to whet my appetite. Will Diane’s alliance with the Kinwiinik hold? Will Rafe get revenge on the Duchess? Will Micah revolutionise mathematics? Let’s find out…

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Translucid: welcome to Dragonfire Station

Book cover: Translucid - Zen di Pietro (a space station in front of a nebula, tinged red)Emé Fallon, security chief on Dragonfire Station, is unable to remember a single thing about her life after a head injury. Thrown back on her instincts, she tries to pick up the pieces of life, but was it really an accident that destroyed her memories? Should she trust her instincts – or her wife?
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Bite-size Books: An Ocean the Colour of Bruises

A group of young people go on holiday, running away from the tawdry disappointments of taking the first steps into their adult lives. They need a few days revelling in their friendship on a warm beach, rekindling old joys. But Punta Silenyo is an empty, haunted resort. Is it the best place to forget their cares?

Tremontaine 13: Departures

It’ll all be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end. Of course, it can’t always be alright for everyone, can it? Which means – delightfully, and even without considering Swordspoint – that it can’t ever be the end. HOORAH. 

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Change or die: Children of the Different

Book cover: Children of the Different - S C FlynnTwenty years after the Madness, the Settlement has turned its back on the disastrous ways of the City People, embracing self-sufficiency and fending off attacks by Ferals. But the children of this new age are different, manifesting new powers as they hit puberty. What will the Change bring for tight-knit twins Arika and Narrah?

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Tremontaine 12: A Tale of Two Ladies

Beware: strong women of intent and intelligence. Will Ixkaab Balam and the Duchess Tremontaine forge an understanding, or will their histories and loyalties demand blood? Even Vincent can’t watch as Kaab and Tess finally confront the secrets that divide them. Does Kaab care enough for Tess to open her heart and share her family’s interests? Does the forger have the patience to forgive her lover?

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Bite-size Books: Iron Ladies, Iron Tigers

Vita awakens blind, her onboard AI assuring her there’s no problem with visual feed. Stranded in a ship so damaged it can’t tell where it hurts, can Vita face her own wounds and find her way home? 
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