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The Expanse Read-along: Leviathan Wakes – Week 3

We ended on a cliffhanger last week, with Holden and Miller in a tight spot after a series of traumatic experiences. The action picks straight back up – and remarkably, races right up to what feels like a climax. But the story isn’t done yet. There’s still a week to go. My word there’s a lot packed into this one… So let’s talk about it.

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Throwback Thursday: Lock In

Book cover: Lock in - John Scalzi (red and white figurines on a white background)The flupocalypse didn’t wipe us out, but it left 1 in 100 people paralysed – or ‘locked in’. One of them was the POTUS’s wife, so we gave a shit. But 25 years later, a new US government is stripping away the life lines that keep Hadens in touch with the physical world, and there’s a killing to be made… literally.

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Top Ten Tuesday: series I should have read by now

Top Ten Tuesday bannerTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, in which we talk about a bookish topic and have fun making lists. This week, we’re considering series we haven’t read but sort of feel we ought to have.

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The Expanse Read-along: Leviathan Wakes – Week 2

So much has happened in this second week of the Leviathan Wakes read-along I’m struggling to remember where it all started, and it’s been compelling enough that I’ve totally failed to take notes. And I’m pretty sure I can’t be the only person who hears Gina Torres every time Naomi calls Holden sir. On to the questions!

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The Space Between The Stars: the future is what you choose

Book cover: The Space Between The Stars - Anne Corlett (a woman's silhouette against a pale blue sky)The virus had a long incubation period. By the time it started killing, it had already spread across the stars. Those who survived the second day lived. The rest burnt up, 99.9999% of the human race reduced to piles of dust. Now the few survivors – scattered across planets – must try to reconnect, regroup and choose their future. Should Jamie try to rebuild what she’s lost or choose a fresh start?

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Throwback Thursday: A Natural History of Dragons

Book cover: A Natural History of Dragons - Marie Brennan (a dragon, half anatomical study, half scales)Isabella isn’t a model young lady. She has an unnatural interest in dragons, so she’ll surely die an impoverished spinster. Can a young lady of intelligence and determination find a husband who will support her in pursuing her heart’s desires? Of course she can. Let’s study dragons, darling.

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The Expanse Read-along: Leviathan Wakes

It’s been a while since a full-blown read-along, and we’re blasting back into space to find out what all the fuss about The Expanse was about. With that devastating prologue and two tense storylines split by politics, police work and half the Belt, this space opera potboiler gets off to a super-heated start…

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Top Ten Tuesday: oh Daddy

Top Ten Tuesday bannerTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, in which we talk about a bookish topic and have fun making lists. Apparently it’s Father’s Day (not where I’m from, although it’s not something I keep track of), so this week we’re thinking about the other fictional parentals.

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All Good Things: but what sort of end will they come to?

Book cover: All Good Things - Emma Newman (purple background with line art and embellished font)Emma Newman’s conclusion to her Split Worlds sequence is full of surprises as Cathy and Sam receive a shocking proposal from Bea, Lucy reveals her true purpose in Albion, the Gargoyle forces Max to confront his loyalties and Will finds new and deplorable ways to make me shout NO WILL NO. Inevitably, spoilers for previous instalments.

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20 Books Of Summer: aspirations

I know, I know: it’s only 2 weeks since I said there’s no way I could read 20 books this summer because of work. But I’ve read quarter of the books on that list already and it’s only June 5th – so I may as well give it a go! After all, as Cathy rightly points out, 20 Books of Summer is only 65 pages a day…

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Bite-size Books: Extracurricular Activities

Book cover: Extracurricular Activities - Yoon Ha Lee (A manform with their back to you ascends some stairs, staring off at an angle against a background of pink carp painting or wallpaper)A Shuos graduate is rare in Kel command, but Shuos Jedao has earned his stripes. Still, his latest assignment is a mission better suited to his former career: go undercover in a rival empire to rescue a captured ‘trade’ vessel captained by a former classmate.
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Redux: May meanderings

May has been the month of relatives visiting from overseas, rapid increases in workload and – thankfully – some lovely sunny days. I got a lot of reading and reviewing done early in the month, but I’m on the slow train through summer from here (that’s so untrue: I’ve got loads of long flights in June, so hopefully I can catch up on recent reviews and fall behind on a fresh batch!)

Reading round-up, Stacking the shelves and goal progress

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