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TremonTEAM: welcome to the casting couch

A delightful invitation from TremonTEAM this week: to cast our favourites. Who can resist? Not this reader, whose only difficulty will be settling on the talent to properly convey the intellect, the sensuality and the careful patience of a certain Duchess. This is too big a task for this reader alone; so consider me the casting agent, offering recommendations to those of greater wisdom.

Let’s see, where shall we start…

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Europe in Autumn: fractured indeed

Book cover: Europe in Autumn - David Hutchinson (indistinct brown haired man's face)Rudi is an excellent chef with a stubborn streak he can’t hide. When he becomes a Coureur – a member of Europe’s clandestine postal and people trafficking service – life becomes more interesting than a Friday night cooking for Hungarian mobsters. But Rudi has no idea what secrets he’s carrying – or who will kill to protect them.

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Bite-size books: The Eye of the Swan

One of the great joys of the Riverside books and Tremontaine is that they act as glimpses into a timeline. With The Eye of the Swan, Kelly Robson pushes the clock back further even than Tremontaine, narrowing in on the period after Diane has arrived in the City, but before she has truly flowered as the Duchess. Welcome to a more innocent time.

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Top Ten Tuesday: recommended reads

Top Ten Tuesday bannerTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, in which we all talk about a bookish topic and have fun making lists. This week, we’re celebrating the books that we read because someone recommended them to us.

What if…

TremonTEAM: Good friends are enabling friends

Yes, I know, that’s not always true. But I love my bookish friends because they constantly introduce me to new and interesting books (and authors), and then make me feel better about the mountain of books towering over me waiting to be read. Solidarity, bookish friends. We will read together and it will be good.

What I’m saying is it was all Lisa’s fault

False Hearts beat true (and very fast in places)

Book cover: False Hearts - Laura Lam (a heart image comprised of two overlapping fingerprints on a silver background)

What if you spent your first 16 years so close to someone you shared a heart? What would you think if they came to you 10 years later, covered in someone else’s blood? What would you risk to save your twin sister?

Don’t expect to be able to put this down

Bite-size Books: Pockets

Strange things keep coming out of Nadia’s pockets. Not her things. Not things that might accidentally have found their way into the wrong coat. Not things that should, by rights, physically fit in the space afforded by the pockets in question. But they keep coming out. Pockets is the World Fantasy Award-nominated short story by Amal El-Mohtar.

What a lovely story

Top Ten Tuesday: favourite villains

Top Ten Tuesday bannerTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, in which we all talk about a bookish topic and have fun making lists. This week, we’re talking about villains.

Mwahahaha, etc

Fanfest crossover: what would the Sorting Hat say?

I was recently burrowing deep down a rabbit hole as I attempted to write a review, and I found myself discussing characters in terms of their Hogwarts houses. I wasn’t meant to be writing about Harry Potter, but (no surprises) it was far too much fun not to. How would you sort your favourite characters from other worlds?

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A sartorial challenge from TremonTEAM

Our TremonTEAM week 4 challenge was to create a collage outfit for a character we love. I was initially incredibly daunted by this, so I gingerly tiptoed my way into Polyvore and started throwing some ideas around. For your amusement, here are my visions of a modern Micah and some ideas on how the Kinwiinik might make a stir at the Swan Ball.

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Empire of Ivory: doing the right things

Book cover: Empire of Ivory - Naomi Novik (UK hardcover, stylised woodcut design of dragons, jungle plants and African animals)Laurence and Temeraire return home to discover that British dragons are dying of a fatal illness. The Aerial Corps is grounded, leaving the country exposed to Napoleon and Lien. A belated insight dispatches the boys and their ailing friends to Africa in the hope of finding a cure – but nobody has ever returned from an expedition to the interior…


Redux: September’s second summer

If August was a month of distractions, September has just been damn hard work as I juggled clients and deadlines in meatspace. I’ve enjoyed pushing my boundaries and I’ve been rewarded by the spectacularly good reading squeezed in around the edges (somehow finishing more books than in August, even though the only weekend I had off I was too sick to do anything). Can you say VERY GOOD BOOKS?


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