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Plotting a course to SciFiMonth 2018: sign up, schedule, and swag

Your annual SF love-in is just around the corner (okay, two weeks away, but we’re excited, okay) and we can’t wait to find out what strange new worlds and civilisations you’re planning to explore. So what have we got for you? An exciting sign-up giveaway, plus SciFiMonth banners and buttons to download!

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Persepolis Rising opens a new era of The Expanse

Book cover: Persepolis Rising - James S A Corey (who would have guessed - it's a close up of a spaceship in flight)Earth has almost recovered from the Free Navy’s genocidal attack. The Alliance have nearly rebuilt their depleted navies. The Belters’ Transport Union controls traffic to all the colonies beyond the Gates …except one. Now the Gate to Laconia is about to re-open. Mars’s wayward children are ready to return, and they have their own vision for the future of humanity…

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Tremontaine: A World of Change

The rain may have stopped, but there’s nothing but bad news and ominous developments in the City. As the final season takes shape, it’s set to threaten everything we hold dear.

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Top Ten Tuesday: dedication to the cause

Top Ten Tuesday is was created by The Broke and the Bookish, and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. It’s all about books, lists and sharing the love we have of both with our bookish friends. This week, we’re talking about the longest books we’ve read…

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Soulbinder: learning to play the cards you’ve got

Book cover: Soulbinder - Sebastien de Castell green playing card with two shadowblacks and an angry squirrel catKellen son of Ke is searching for the legendary Ebony Abbey, rumoured to possess a cure for the shadowblack. Separated even from Reichis, he finds himself caught between mistrustful monks and a Jan’Tep war party intent on wiping out the shadowblack once and for all. Can he unlock his curse and thwart his father’s ambitions?

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Wyrd and Wonder: Spooktastic Reads

Has Wyrd and Wonder faded like a dream of spring now that Autumn is well and truly here? Never fear – with Hallowe’en creeping up on us, Lisa, Jorie and I decided it was time to don our hooded cloaks, cast a ward against evil and seek out more fantasy before our winter SciFi love-in. Will you join us on the dark paths?

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September Redux: are we nearly there yet?

I always suspected September would be a month too far in the tightrope of work vs well-being, and that pretty much panned out as expected. Exhaustion and headaches made for a short temper, a terrible attention span and less blogging than I would have liked, but thankfully didn’t completely curtail my reading. And I now get some time off, HOORAY!

Reading round-up, Stacking the shelves and goal progress

The Poppy War: deconstructing expectations

Book cover: The Poppy War - R F Kuang (gloriously beautiful black and white illustration of an archer)Supernatural heroes won the Second Poppy War. Now war orphan Rin is determined to escape a future of marriage and drug running for her foster parents. She will fight herself to win a place at the Empire’s prestigious military academy – and fight everyone else to keep it. Can she learn enough to keep her country safe from the resurgent Mugen Federation?

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Tremontaine: Building Bridges

While Esha, Diane and Kaab make the case for change and new ways of thinking, they face opposition from the Hill right down to Riverside from those with a vested interest in keeping things the way they are. The stakes may vary, but the game is getting very, very personal…

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Top Ten Tuesday: why I haven’t read these yet?

Top Ten Tuesday is was created by The Broke and the Bookish, and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. It’s all about books, lists and sharing the love we have of both with our bookish friends. This week, we’re considering those books that we haven’t read yet, even though they were written by authors we adore. Really, why haven’t we read them yet?

Too many books, not enough time

Shelter: ushering in the Aftermath

Book cover: Shelter - Dave Hutchinson (a man walks towards a cottage against a lurid red-yellow sky)When the Sisters hit the Earth, they ended modern civilisation in minutes. Tidal waves wiped out coastal cities. The Long Autumn culled millions as oceans rose, crops failed and medicines ran out. 100 years later, opposing forces are trying to assert control over Britain’s scattered survivors. Welcome to the Aftermath.

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